The Permanent Man Episode Guide

Below is a list of episodes in The Permanent Man series. The list starts with the most recent season and each episode of the season is listed in the order in which they were released.

Season 2

Episode #1 - The Walls Have Ears (Available November 11, 2014)
Patrick Hold escaped 1864, jumping through a time portal to his apparent present of 2013. On the other side, the Agency expects his arrival and takes him into custody. But he hopes to escape their grasp with the help of an unexpected ally … his daughter from 33 years in the future.
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Season 1

Episode #1 - Pilot
Private Investigator Patrick Hold expects to find the unwanted for his clients. But when the unwanted arrives at his door in the form of a government agent, it is anything but expected. The agent claims Patrick is a wanted person called the Permanent Man—someone unable to experience death—and arrests him. Worried he'll be imprisoned for life, Patrick attempts to escape ... but he might escape to the unwanted.

Episode #2 - How the West Was Done
Having successfully escaped imprisonment by the Agency and Agent Red, Patrick Hold finds himself in the care of a cowboy named Wes Cooper. The cowboy insists on taking Patrick to town to see a doctor for his injuries. But something stands in their way, and most likely, it’s death.

Episode #3 - Where Loyalties Lie
Cassy Hold is worried about her husband, Patrick. Government agents had arrested him for an unknown reason. Fortunately, Patrick arrives home. Unfortunately, he’s shot and bleeding. She wants him to go to the hospital, but he insists she seek help from an unlikely source: One of the men who arrested him.

Episode #4 - Let Sleeping Dogs Bark
Between the death of his family and the apparent poisoning of Patrick Hold, Wes Cooper trusts Cahilla Indians as far as a tumbleweed travels on a calm day. But when a gang of cowboys takes Wes hostage, his only chance of escape rests in the hands of the Cahilla Indian, Takoda. Will Takoda’s help rid Wes of his prejudice?

Episode #5 - Barter Me Love
Convinced he’s responsible for sending Patrick Hold to the past, Dr. Blue is determined to bring him back to the future. He concludes the Molecular Regeneration Gun is the key to making this happen. The gun is under heavy security at the Agency and impossible for him to “borrow”. Unfortunate for Dr. Blue, it’s nothing a little love can’t fix.

Episode #6 - Whiskeyade
Patrick Hold has learned that Clyde Calvin and his gang are holding a Cahilla Indian woman hostage. That woman might be the wife of Takoda that he wants to find. Patrick must infiltrate the gang to see if it is her, and that carries the danger of suffering under Calvin’s wrath. 

Episode #7 - Reservations for Blue
Because Kim Avant helped him “borrow” the prototype Molecular Regeneration Gun from the Agency, Dr. Blue promised he would take her on a date. But when the day comes for their rendezvous, events cause him to run behind schedule. As a result, he worries Kim will expose he took the gun and assisted the Permanent Man—threatening not only his career as a scientist at the Agency but the existence of space and time itself. He must do everything within his power to keep Kim on his side.

Episode #8 - Secret Agent Red
After his recent interaction with Dr. Blue, Agent Red suspects he’s hiding something. He decides to investigate the matter to uncover the truth. But what he discovers goes beyond his expectations and could lead him directly to the object of his obsession: The Permanent Man.

Episode #9 - The Not So Great Escape
Though Clyde Calvin’s gang took him captive, Patrick Hold has confirmed Calvin held Takoda’s wife, Chimala, hostage and plans to sell her on the Indian slave market. Now Patrick is determined to escape Calvin’s grasp and free Chimala. But doing that is easier thought than accomplished, especially since failure could end with Chimala’s death. 

Episode #10 - A Hero Does It Wrong
Patrick Hold has been captured by Clyde Calvin’s gang, and Wes Cooper wants to save him. Besides himself, Wes has the Cahilla Indian, Takoda, to help. Overcoming Calvin’s gang will prove difficult, and the two together stand little chance of success. But when Wes is offered a job that will lead him directly to Calvin, it just might be the key to rescuing Patrick.

Episode #11 - Chemical Transaction
Dr. Blue is on the brink of successfully finding a way to retrieve Patrick Hold from the past. He discovers one more key to the puzzle, and it comes with a problem: He must go back to the Agency one last time for help. While there, the watchful eye of Agent Red lingers over him, threatening to disrupt any chance at success.

Episode #12 - As the Clock Strikes....
Double-length Season Finale! Dr. Blue has everything he needs to successfully pull Patrick Hold—also known as the Permanent Man—from the past and back to the future. However, Agent Red is on his trail, hoping to find the Permanent Man he has searched over two decades to find. Back in 1864, Patrick Hold is determined to rescue Wes Cooper and Chimala from Clyde Calvin’s grasp, but Calvin won’t go down without fight … A fight that threatens to leave Patrick stuck in the past.