Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Double-Length The Permanent Man Season Finale Is Live!

The season finale of The Permanent Man is now available. This double-length episode brings suspense and action. Will Patrick Hold save Wes Cooper and Chimala from Clyde Calvin? Will Agent Red find and capture the Permanent Man? Can Dr. Blue successfully solve the mystery of what caused Patrick Hold to go to the past and bring him back to the future? All these questions are answered in As the Clock Strikes.... You can pick up your copy at all major e-book retailers.

The Permanent Man #12: As the Clock Strikes....: Double-length Season Finale!!! Dr. Blue has everything he needs to successfully pull Patrick Hold—also known as the Permanent Man—from the past and back to the future. However, Agent Red is on his trail, hoping to find the Permanent Man he has searched over two decades to find. Back in 1864, Patrick Hold is determined to rescue Wes Cooper and Chimala from Clyde Calvin’s grasp, but Calvin won’t go down without fight … A fight that threatens to leave Patrick stuck in the past.

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