Monday, July 8, 2013

Free eBook - Imaginary Me - July 9-10, 2013

Have you read my book Imaginary Me yet? If not, tomorrow and Wednesday you can download the eBook for free! It will be available exclusively on As with all of my eBooks, Imaginary Me is free of any DRM (Digital Rights Management) software. So if you don't read on a Kindle or Kindle App, perhaps using a Nook, iPad, or something else, you can convert the Amazon download to EPUB for your reader. I suggest you use the free Calibre software to do this.

Here's a synopsis of the book and the link to buy it:

“Who am I?”

I ask Sammy Pruitt that question all the time. She’s a four-year-old girl who imagines me. I’m whoever she wants and whatever she needs. I’m her imaginary friend.

She definitely needs me, because there’s an evil queen who hates her. She treats Sammy in a way no parent ever should. And Sammy’s trapped living with her.

But Sammy and I have a plan. A way to forever rid life of the evil queen and be happy. It’ll take hard work, imagination, and courage to reach our goal. That’s why Sammy imagines me.

Because I’m her protection and the means to her escape.

Desmond Shepherd writes his most emotional and gripping story yet. Told from the perspective of an imaginary friend, Imaginary Me is filled with smiles, tears, and triumph. Take a journey unlike any other and one you'll never forget.

Imaginary Me is free July 9 & 10 on Enjoy!