Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Permanent Man Blog #1 - The Announcement

Featured imageIn today's world, people are busy. They have time for little because of the quantity of things to do.

So how do they use that little free time for recreation?

A lot of people watch TV, often having series' they love to watch in bulk on Netflix or a similar service,  or from week to week. The benefit of this is that in 30-60 minutes they can be entertained and move on to the next episode of a series if they wish.

What this has done is caused people to want the fiction they enjoy to be quick. Sure, they may watch a series that has a continuous plot, but overall, they want their stories to happen quickly and be done so they move onto the next one.

This trend in entertainment can't be ignored. And, no doubt, if books followed a similar format with a series, it's possible a new breed of reader could be discovered.

And so my new project follows this mold. I am writing a series called The Permanent Man. This will be written to match the format we've seen for series' on television for decades. Each episode will be readable in approximately an hour. Each episode will stand on its own, having a beginning, middle, and end. And each episode will release on a weekly basis on every Tuesday. All episodes will cost $0.99.

The plan is to have 13 episodes in the first season. The goal is to make the first episode available November 12, 2013.

Over the coming weeks, on Tuesday's, I will post about my progress and whatever details about the series I want to relate.

Currently, I have almost finished writing the first episode. I have two tentative titles for episode one. The first title is simply Pilot. I like this because many television series' title their first episode the same way. I feel this title would give readers an idea of what to expect.

But, I also know Pilot is kind of generic. So the other title I have in mind is Strike a Pose because this fits to the story.

What will I decide to use? We'll see over the coming weeks.

Till next Tuesday...


desmondshepherdDesmond Shepherd has written several novels including Fram GageFutan Vice, and Imaginary Me. His upcoming project, The Permanent Man, is scheduled to release November 12, 2013 and is his most ambitious work yet. Every Tuesday, right here on The Time Capsule, he will release details about his journey in writing the stories.

He's also expecting his third child within a couple months, so you can expect possible delays in his blog posts and even the release date for The Permanent Man, but he's going to do whatever he can to avoid that.