Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Imaginary Me" Book Release Info

Imaginary Me CoverIn two days, my latest book under the Desmond Shepherd pen name, Imaginary Me, will be available for the world to read.

I'm excited to bring this book to the public. Of all the stories I've written to this point, I feel that Imaginary Me is my best work. I hate saying that because it could imply I feel the other stories I've written aren't as good. But I'm too proud of the final outcome of the book to not say it.

Imaginary Me marks a milestone for all of my books. This book will be the first one that releases simultaneously across all the major platforms, including paperback. In the past, the eBook would arrive within a couple weeks of each other on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and so forth. This time, they all hit at once.

To celebrate the release of the book, it will be on sale at a discounted price throughout the month of March. The price will be $2.99 US, which is 40% off the regular price of $4.99 when April 1st hits. The paperback version will be be $7.99, which is 20% off the regular price of $9.99.

It is available now at the locations listed below. There is currently a problem with the Apple version of the book. As soon as that is available, I'll update this post with the link.

Available at the following locations:

Click To Buy   Click To Buy            

Print edition available at Amazon and CreateSpace.