Friday, March 1, 2013

How To Tell The "Imaginary Me" Story

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Before I began writing Imaginary Me, I had to figure out exactly how I would do it. The first part is getting a story in mind. That part came quite naturally given the premise.

The real issue came when I had to make up the rules of the imaginary friend of four-year-old Sammy Pruitt. There are all sorts of avenues to take with an imaginary friend. Here are some of the questions I considered.

Will the imaginary friend exist when Sammy isn't thinking about him? Or will he only exist when he's imagined?

Is the imaginary friend his own entity with thoughts and feelings? Or are his feelings in sync with whatever Sammy feels? Or maybe it's a little of both?

Is the imaginary friend smarter than Sammy? Or is he of the same intelligence as Sammy? Or a little of both?

Can the imaginary friend have an effect on the real world? Or will he be completely invisible and unable to have an impact in reality?

Will the imaginary friend have a name? Is he better suited without a specific name but with many names given whatever circumstance Sammy imagines him in?

Does the imaginary friend see things visually from his perspective? From Sammy's perspective? Or the imagined perspective that Sammy has of the imaginary friend? Maybe a mix of both?

Is the imaginary friend only capable of being a human? Or can he take on other forms?

I had to answer those questions before I could write a single word of the story. And what I came up helped shape the story further because I knew the capabilities of the imaginary friend. Now his role in Sammy Pruitt's life came into focus. I'm extremely happy with the direction I took with the story.