Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Imaginary Me's Book Blurb

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to releasing a new book, for me at least, is the book blurb. It's a fine line between something that bores the reader and something that grabs their attention. After all, if you can't interest them in a few sentences that explain what the book is about, why should they expect to be interested in reading the entire book?

Over the past few years of publishing books, I've learned a lot about the basics of writing a good book blurb. When it comes down to it, the blurb should follow these three points in order:

  1. It should establish the setting of the story

  2. It should establish the problem in the story

  3. It should establish the goal to fix the problem in the story (or the hook)

I've followed those guidelines through the release of my past few books, and I've done so successfully.

The last thing in the formula is to make sure the blurb is written in an active voice. It should denote action. It usually works out that way quite naturally if the above steps are followed.

So why am I saying all this?

Because I've finalized the blurb for Imaginary Me. I'm extremely happy with it because it follows the above steps and grabs the reader's attention. In my blurbs, I've also begun adding a paragraph at the end that highlights the author's ability or history in writing. I do this to establish that the book is not the first, and to help the reader know a little more of what he can expect from the book.

So here it goes. The book blurb for Imaginary Me. Let me know what you think.

[caption id="attachment_2965" align="alignleft" width="100"]Coming March 15, 2013 Coming March 15, 2013[/caption]

“Who am I?”

I ask Sammy Pruitt that question all the time. She’s a four-year-old girl who imagines me. I’m whoever she wants and whatever she needs. I’m her imaginary friend.

She definitely needs me, because there’s an evil queen who hates her. She treats Sammy in a way no parent ever should. And Sammy’s trapped living with her.

But Sammy and I have a plan. A way to forever rid life of the evil queen and be happy. It’ll take hard work, imagination, and courage to reach our goal. That’s why Sammy imagines me.

Because I’m her protection and the means to her escape.

Desmond Shepherd writes his most emotional and gripping story yet. Filled with smiles, tears, and triumph, take a journey unlike any other and one you’ll never forget in Imaginary Me.