Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Digital/Printed Book Statistics

With all the eBook craze, you would think that printed books have a bleak future. But a recent survey shows this is not the case. Below is a chart showing different statistics for printed books and eBooks. The results might surprise you. Below the chart, I give my answers to all the points in the survey.

My Reading Stats:

  • I had an eReader prior to the 2011 holiday season

  • I have read a printed book in the past year. I have not listened to an audiobook

  • I mainly read eBooks but will read a printed book if it is unavailable or cheaper in printed form

  • I own a Kindle

  • I spend more time reading as a result of having an eReader

  • Most of my reading is for pleasure

  • I am under 50, have not gone to college, and have an household income over $50,000

  • In the past year I have read 25 books

  • On any given day I'm reading an eBook

  • I prefer to purchase an eBook, if it is not available to borrow from the libary on my Kindle

  • My most recent eBook was borrowed from the libary

My Reading Preferences:

  • Read book while traveling: eBook

  • Have a wide selection of books: eBook

  • Read with a child: printed book

  • Sharing books with others: eBook

  • Reading books in bed: eBook

  • Being able to get a book quickly: eBook