Friday, February 3, 2012

The Progress of Miscorrection 2

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My posts recently have been somewhat eclectic, straying from the usual focus of my current writing project and the progress I'm making.

So here's a boring post about that.

Near the end of November, just after I finished and published Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability under the pen name Desmond Shepherd, I began writing the next book in the Miscorrection series. As mentioned in a previous post, I decided against writing smaller stories as I did with Preludes, instead opting to write the next book as a novel.

My plan had been to finished the first draft by January 31, 2012. I missed that mark, but did finish it the next day, February 1, 2012. So things are on schedule.

The book will clock in somewhere around 73,000 words. Did I plan this? No. While I focus on word count for my daily goals to finish a project, I don't have an intended word count for the story. If I did, it could cause me to artificially shorten or lengthen my story, which I don't want to have happen. That's one of the perks of self-publishing. The writer can write the story as intended, which leads to the intended length.

Right now, I'm in the proofing and editing stages of the book. In my first read through, I'm finding that I am surprised by what I wrote. My process for writing involved writing the entire story before going back and reading any part of it. So it's interesting when I read something I forgot I put in there, and at the same time satisfying because I like it. In some ways, it's like reading something written by another person, giving me a good perspective on whether or not something works in the story.

Currently, I expect the next Miscorrection story to release some time in early March. But it won't be called Miscorrection 2.  What will the title be? With the recent rebranding of the series, I entitled the first book Miscorrection: Preludes. In line with that way of titling the book, the next one will be called Miscorrection: Dimensions.

In the next couple weeks, I will have another post revealing the cover for the book. Since this is a series, it will fit the template of the current book.

And one last thing to note, Miscorrection: Dimensions will not be enrolled in the KDP Select program. I put Fram Gage in there as an experiment, and have to say I'm not happy with the results. So you can look forward to Miscorrection: Dimensions being available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other eReading device at release.

Oh, and Fram Gage and The Infinite Ability will also be available for all devices beginning March 8, 2012.