Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Review: Gabriel's Return by Steve Umstead

If you recall, I reviewed the book Gabriel's Redemption by Steve Umstead back in the Spring. The author contacted me and asked if I would like to review the next book in the series, Gabriel's Return, and I have to say that I'm very glad that I did!

As with all of my reviews, I'm not going to talk about the plot here. That's for you to enjoy when you curl up with your Kindle (or other eReader) and a cup of tea or coffee. But I will bring out a number of things about the book I enjoyed.

Gabriel's Return starts off fast, forcing you to dive into the story. I really appreciated this. As you might recall, my major complaint with Gabriel's Redemption was that it took a long time, nearly half the book, before I felt like the pace of the story was moving at full steam. Gabriel's Return is nothing like that.

Hats off to the author, too, for making the planet of Eden so believable. As the characters traverse the planet, it feels alive and real. It's definitely the most enjoyable part of the entire book, and in some ways, I wish the author would have expanded on the planet. I mean that in a positive way. That's a sign of a believable story and world: When the reader can't get enough and wants to know more. Umstead does a fantastic job of this.

Overall, I really liked Gabriel's Return and I have to say I'm looking forward to the next story (which this book sets up nicely). If you haven't read the first book, don't fret. I think you can get along just fine with this one. But don't let that statement stop you. Both books are good and worthy of your time for recreation.

Pros +

  • Story picks up in the first pages, getting you right into the action

  • Very believable planet of Eden

  • Fantastic twist near the end of the story (I didn't see it coming!)

Cons -

  • The second quarter of the story is a little slow, but picks up again halfway through

  • It might be me, but the politics stuff was a little confusing. Without telling you why (don't want to ruin the story), I 'll just say I had trouble making sense of it

  • Evan Gabriel, the main character. I feel distant from him. Knowing more about him through the narrative would be nice

You can pick up your copy of Gabriel's Return on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords if you have another eReader device.

Don't forget about Gabriel's Redemption! That's also available on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords.

Be sure to check out Steve Umstead's web site to get the latest on the Evan Gabriel Trilogy and anything else he has going on!

The author has graciously given me copy of Gabriel's Return and Gabriel's Redemption to give away to my readers. All you have to do is comment below to win!