Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yes You Can Publish A Book In A Hurricane

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As Hurricane Irene blows her winds and drops her rains in the Philadelphia suburbs, you might think there's nothing a person can do but sit around and hope for the best. Will I get water in my house? Will tree limbs fall? Will my power go out?

That last question is very important. You see, times have changed. In the publishing world, you couldn't do what I did, and especially during a hurricane. I published a book, yes a book, during a hurricane. Could we have said that  five years ago? Imagine the conversation:

"So what did you do during the hurricane? Unload buckets of water from your basement," Tim says.

"That, and I published a book," Mark says.

"Yeah, right."

Well...yeah...right. Today we can say that. During Hurricane Irene, I self-published the last story, a novella, in Book 1 of the Miscorrection series. The title of the eBook is Sundown, and I'm very happy with it for a lot of reasons. First, I wrote this story once, realized it needed fixing, and rewrote it again, making it a lot better. Second, I love the way it ends because it's a real cliffhanger that should have readers guessing at what is happening and what direction the story will go.

It's an amazing New World of Publishing, and if you haven't heard about it, there is good information out there for newbie's.

If you want to read an excerpt of the story, click here. I hope you enjoy it! Meanwhile, don't forget that the day I posted this, I probably was unloading buckets of water from my house!

Miscorrection: Sundown is available now for the Amazon Kindle or any eReader from Smashwords for 3 Tacos ($2.99 US).