Monday, August 29, 2011


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He continued running up the stairs.

Just a few more steps. This is like waiting to graduate high school, he thought.

Still moving, he skipped two steps at a time, but the top looked just as far away as it did 100 steps earlier.

Just a few more steps up. This is like when I waited for that promotion.

His paced slowed slightly. He turned and looked behind. The bottom of the steps didn't seem that far away.

Just a few more. This reminds me of how long it took me to start a family. Sure doesn't seem that long ago that I tried.

The top kept eluding him.

Just a few more steps. This is like waiting for retirement or having my first grandchild.

He needed to get to the top. His whole life consisted of reaching goals, but those steps kept going. No matter how many he walked, the beginning seemed so close behind and the end out of reach.

Just a few more steps.

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