Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Miscorrection Update

It's been a couple of months since I announced the delay of the next Miscorrection story, Sundown. It's now in the capable hands of Jeff Ambrose, who is proofreading it. Though I'm sure he'll have a few suggestions, too.

I can say without a doubt this will be the best Miscorrection story yet. If you haven't read any of the other stories, or perhaps only one or two, this is the one to read. Think of it like those two-hour season finales you watch of your favorite TV show. Even if you missed some episodes during the season, you make sure not to miss the finale, because you know some important stuff is going to happen.

In the spirit of a season finale, Sundown clocks in at around 28,000 words. Wowsa! That takes it from being a novelette, like the other stories, to a novella.

So why did it become the longest piece so far in the series? Characters.

I paid a lot of attention to the character behavior and relationships in this one. Yes, big events will happen not only to the characters, but between them. In order to give this the detail it deserved, I had to write more words, and I had to give the characters more life. I think I pulled this off.

Finally, as in any good finale, I mix things up at the end. The ending will make you question what is happening, and make you wonder if everything is not as it seems. Is it a cliffhanger? In a manner of speaking, yes. It's not the edge of your seat "What's gonna happen next?" type cliffhanger. It's more of the "I want to know more because this story just went in a whole new direction" type cliffhanger. Needless to say, I loved writing the ending of this story and Sundown in general. From my perspective, the story accomplishes exactly what I wanted, and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Miscorrection: Sundown, the last story that makes up Book 1 of Miscorrection, will release at the end of August at your favorite eBook retailer. Until then, here's the tentative cover art for the eBook. Feel free to let me know what you think of it!