Monday, August 1, 2011


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Jace and Cameron stood at the street corner waiting for the little Walking Man light to give them the go ahead to cross.

Then, the phone in the booth behind them began to ring, loudly.

Ring, ring! — Ring, ring!

"Huh?" Jace said. "Haven't heard a ring like that in years."

"Go answer it." Cameron said.

Jace  approached the phone, and tried to figure out how it worked. The phone handle was nearly snapped in two. From all he could see, the thing looked like it hadn't been used in years. He picked up the phone, holding the mouthpiece in one hand and the earpiece in the other.


"There's a..." The voice on the other end was full of static, and broken speech. "Corner of Pine and Wilson.."

"Hello," Jace said again. The person on the other line didn't stop talking and wouldn't acknowledge him on the phone.

"...pile-up of three immediately...hear me?"

"Hello," Jace said again.

"...use your's broken!" the voice yelled, and then Jace heard the phone click and the line went dead.

Jace walked back over to Cameron.

"Who was that?" Cameron asked.

"Not sure. I kept saying 'Hello' but they wouldn't answer back. Kind of hard to make out everything they said, too."

"Ah, stupid phone's broken. No one uses those things. That's why we got cell phones." Cameron held his phone up and wiggled it in front of Jace.

Jace felt around his pockets and realized he left his phone at home. Then he looked up as he continued to wait for the Walking Man. He noticed they were at the corner of Wilson Avenue and Pine Street. Wasn't that what the person on the phone said?

The Walking Man lit up telling them it was safe to cross the street. Cameron stepped out, but Jace quickly pulled him back as a car ran the red light.  The car swerved to avoid Cameron, spun out of control, and was hit head on by a car in the cross traffic. Then a car from the other direction slammed into its back-end. Smoke started rising from the wreckage, and fluids from the cars spilled onto the street.

"Oh my..." Cameron said. "Quick call 9-1-1 for help. I'll see if everyone is okay."

Jace ran over to the phone, popped a quarter into the slot, and dialed 9-1-1.

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