Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There's An App For That

Ben stared at the screen, horrified.

“What’s happening?” he said aloud.

In the air, a mouse pointer floated in front of him and landed on his nose.

Tap, tap. It kind of hurt. Then his nose started running.

The mouse pointer moved over to his one hand, pressed on it, and lifted his hand. It held on tight and pulled his hand over to the tissue box. After another tap, his hand grabbed a tissue. The pointer released from his hand and floated back to his nose.

Tap, tap. After feeling the first one, this one didn’t bother him. His hand with the tissue approached his nose until they met.

Tap, tap.

Uncontrollably, he blew air from his nose, and all the mucus went into the tissue.

Then, he watched the pointer move to his upper left.


The next thing he remembers is staring at the screen, horrified, and the mouse pointer floated towards his nose.