Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Reader's Advantage

Recently, I released the eBook All My Fiction. It has all my current fiction, and I will update it in the future with any new fiction I write. My purpose for creating the eBook was to change the way we think about buying books.

It's no secret that this way of providing entertainment to people is unique. It allows you to pay a flat fee and get everything I write now and in the future for a flat rate. Of course, certain things in the future may dictate I change the format, but for the foreseeable future All My Fiction will literally contain all my fiction. This provides a huge advantage to the reader for a couple of reasons. I've listed them below:

  1. Flat rate gets the reader everything. No need to go and buy another eBook by me.

  2. Lower risk. Maybe you buy one of my stories and don't like it. Which prevents you from buying another one you might have liked. Now you don't have the risk. You can like and dislike what you want, and not lose money from your pocket either way.

Some have asked me if I understood I'm losing money by doing this. Essentially, I write a new book and those who bought All My Fiction get it for free. I'm losing sales. They're correct. Potentially, I am losing money by offering this option to readers. It doesn't serve a huge advantage to me as a writer because I don't make more money. But it does help get my name out there.

In the end, I want to benefit the reader and hopefully develop some loyalty from those who do buy All My Fiction. I'd love to see this thing take off because people read it, see its advantages, and tell others about it. It could bring a whole new change to the eBook world, and you might see other authors follow suit. That would be a revolution that everyone would talk about.

Either way, successful or not, I am trying something different here, and your support in any form is greatly appreciated!