Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Jake stood on stage, glanced out into the audience, and caught the eye of a pretty girl near the back. He winked, turned around to his drummer, and counted.

“1, 2. 1, 2, 3, 4,” he yelled.

The drummer banged the drums, and the rest of the band joined in with the song. Jake did what every singer does; he bobbed his head, kicked his feet, and paced the stage.

“This is for the pretty lady in the back,” he said into the microphone.

“I love you,
You always will be mine,
I’ve had you forever,
Now till the end of time”

His gyrations went crazy with the beat, and then he bent back like he was going to do the limbo. The crowd went crazy; the yells, hollers, and hoots filled the room. As Jake continued his act, he lost his balance because he bent back to far. He slid off the stage, hit his head on the ground and was knocked out cold.

When he awoke, the back of his head throbbed. He touched it with his hand and blood wiped off on them. Then he looked around, and there she was.

“Pretty lady in the back, huh? I told you Jake, no more. Do it one more time, and I’m leaving you. Well you got your wish.”

Jake’s wife brought her hand up high, slapped him on the face, and stormed from the room.

He watched her leave, speechless.

“Man, buddy,” someone from the crowd said, “that must’ve hurt.”