Monday, July 11, 2011

Old Fashioned

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"This item here was used as late as the '80s and even the early '90s by society," the tour guide said to the students. "Once computers became common in the mid to late '90s however, they were all but extinct."

The class continued through the museum. Most of them paid no attention to what the guide said as they were just grateful to not be in school.

"Here we have what was called an iPod. The first of its kind and the predecessor to the iPhone and other similar devices. This marked the transition to easy, instant communication for the civilization."

They moved into a new area of the museum containing osteological discoveries. Before the students stood a humanoid skeleton.

"Scientist discovered these bones in 23 P.D. The first complete skeletal structure of a human."

One of the students broke off from the group, intrigued by a  large cylindrical device. It had a silver sheen that reflected its surroundings.

"What's this?" he called out to the guide.

"Yes. We'll be coming to that soon. But I suppose we can talk about it now. From everything we can conclude, humans used this device as a weapon in war. It's was used, along with many others, in biological warfare. All signs point to this weapon being the cause of human extinction about two hundred years before we discovered the planet Earth."

"That stinks," the student said.

"That ex-tincts," the tour guide chuckled, and the rest of the class laughed with her.