Friday, July 8, 2011

If Time Is All I Have

All right, I said last week I wanted to focus my blog on entertaining people. Now this post isn't me personally entertaining you, but I think it is entertaining nonetheless.

Below is the video for James Blunt's song If Time Is All I Have. Perhaps you've heard it before, perhaps you haven't. Either way, follow these steps for entertainment:

  1. Play the video, but don't watch it. Only listen to the song.

  2. After listening to the song, this time watch the video with it.

Those are simple steps, and I'm sure you can follow them. Here's my reason on following those steps:

  1. By listening to the song and not watching the video, you'll be entertained. The music, lyrics, and voice of James Blunt are downright unbelievable!

  2. By then following step two, the entertaining part of this becomes deeper. Watch the video as the song plays and follow the story. It's such a simple story, but it sucks you in and makes you feel. It's so real. In a three minute span of watching this video, you'll feel a number of emotions.

After all this, feel free to watch it again and again. The combination of this song with the video is excellent, and everyone should take the opportunity to hear and view it.