Monday, July 25, 2011


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"All right," Dr. Seesa said to Kim. "When I take the bandages off, it might take a minute or two for your eyes to adjust."

"Okay," Kim said nervously. All her life, she'd seen things one way, and now it was all going to change. The thought of change scared her, but everyone told her it was for the better.

The doctor slowly unwrapped the bandages from her head and off her eyes. She kept her eyes closed, anxious about what she would see.

"Go ahead. Open them." Dr. Seesa's assistant, Jerry, said.

Her eyelids lifted slower than the bandages that were removed. At first, everything was blurry. Then she became fearful, because everything was the same. A bouquet of flowers sat in front of her, and it was all black and white. But then, color started to pop into view. First the yellow flowers, then the purple, the red, and then her entire view filled with color.

This was not what Kim expected. The colors overwhelmed her senses, and she shut her eyes. She opened them again, but couldn't take it. She just wanted it as it had been. The way she always saw things.

"Put them back on!" she screamed. "Put them back on. I don't want it! I don't want it!"

"Happens nine times outta ten," Dr. Seesa said to Jerry. "They get sensory overload, can't take it, and we have to reverse the surgery. Oh well. Tell Dr. Gray to prep the OR. We'll need it in an hour."