Thursday, July 28, 2011

Author Interview: The Trust by Sean Keefer

Recently, I had an opportunity to read the legal thriller The Trust. Here's a synopsis about the book:

To attorney Noah Parks, the probate of a will should be a simple task. But the Last Will and Testament of Leonardo Xavier Cross is anything but simple. Though Parks has never heard of Cross, he learns that the Will directs that he provide the legal representation for the estate and as part of his fee he receive the contents of a safety deposit box – a safety deposit box no one knew existed. Intrigued, Parks undertakes the task but after the body count begins to rise the otherwise basic task of probating the will becomes more complicated as each day passes. Despite all of Parks’ skills, the answers he seeks remain elusive and force him to delve deeper into the shocking and deceptive Cross’ family history which sets the stage for an explosive finale that Parks can only hope to survive. Set in Charleston, South Carolina, The Trust is the debut novel from Sean Keefer. Blending elements of traditional southern literary fiction, suspense and mystery; you won’t be satisfied until the final page is turned.

I had the privilege of asking the author a few questions regarding the book, and what inspired him to write it. I'd like to thank Sean Keefer for taking the time answer my questions.

What was your inspiration for writing The Trust?

The inspiration behind The Trust has it roots in my career as an attorney prior to beginning writing it.  I've seen a lot of interesting cases and met even more interesting people.  Though I do not practice regularly in the area of probate, the practice area featured in The Trust, I felt this was a great area for a novel.

What aspects of the main character, Noah Parks, do you relate to the most?

The qualities of Noah Parks that I relate to the most are his values and his loyalty his friends.  I believe that these are strong qualities that reflect upon the characteristics one would expect to find in the South and more particularly in Charleston.

What made you pick Charleston, South Carolina for the setting of The Trust?

Charleston was literally a given for the setting.  I've been in love with the area since I first visited as a child.  I have lived here for more than a decade and consider it my second home.  With Charleston you have a wonderful backdrop for a the story and there are always new and exciting things to discover here.

How did come up with the plot for The Trust?

The basic concept of the plot - A client walks into an attorneys' office with a will that requires the attorney to handle the legal work for the estate and the attorney has never heard of the deceased came to me one day from out of the blue.  Then it wouldn't go away.  I wrote out the opening scene and then kept writing.  I never did an outline or planned out the novel, or total plot, before I began writing, rather I let it develop as I wrote it.  I don't know if I would do that again, but it worked on the first one.

Is there anything else you have written or plan to write in the future?

At the moment I am working on a follow up that will be called The Solicitor.  It follows some of the same characters, Noah Parks included, in another story set in Charleston.

I'd also like to add that I recently learned Charleston Magazine had selected my book along with two others as suggested summer reads so I am quite excited about that.  The link for the article is here.

Sean Keefer was born and raised in the Carolinas. As far back as he can remember he has always enjoyed the written word. From roaming the stacks of any library he could find to burning the midnight oil crafting his own writing, Sean was never far away from the printed page.
Through the years he has worked in restaurants, tobacco fields and warehouses, renting boats, as a photographer, as a musician, as a salesman and as an attorney. From his collective experience he has honed his ability to observe and create. That is to say observe that which is around him to allow him to create his fiction.
While Sean has experimented in a number of styles and genres through the years, he has focused on mystery and suspense generally involving the legal profession given his experience in the field.
His first novel, The Trust, is a tale of mystery and suspense set in Charleston, South Carolina. Recently The Trust has been recognized with two national awards for excellence in fiction. Sean is currently working on the follow up to The Trust.
Sean lives and works on the coast of South Carolina.

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