Monday, June 20, 2011


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He spent all his life working at the docks. Boats came in from all parts of the world and he saw a lots of different people, cargo, and even animals.

When he started, tying the boats up took some learning. His hands, smooth and silky, turned rough and calloused. His weak upper body got stronger with time.

The ropes played a crucial part of keeping the boats docked, and he maintained them well. Every two, five, or ten years, the ropes wore out and he'd replace them. It varied depending on the rope, some had longer life than others.

Now, after thirty years, his body ached doing the work. His hands tightened and couldn't grip the rope the same way. Some people had it happen to them at fifteen, others at twenty. It just depended on the person and their capabilities.

He'd made it a long way, further than most, but he knew he couldn't do it anymore.