Sunday, June 5, 2011


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"8-ball, left corner pocket," Paul said to Steve.

After the pool stick hit the cue-ball, which in turn hit the 8-ball, it happened just as Paul predicted. He won it as called—stripes sinking into the pockets—10, 14, 12, 9, 15, 13, 11 and then 8.

"Impressive," said Steve.

"Nothin' impressive about it, man," Paul said. "I told you how I knew it would happen."

"Yeah, right. Time travel. Nice try."

"Fine. Don't believe me."

"Okay, wise guy, if you time traveled to this point, why don't I see two of you?"

"I'm hiding. You see me, the whole thing gets ruined."

The entire evening transpired just as Paul saw it. But he wanted to make sure it didn't end the same way.

"Well, it was a good win, anyway," Steve said. "Listen, I gotta get home. Kathy's probably waiting up for me. Told her I'd be home by 10."

Steve grabbed his coat and started heading for the door.

Paul looked at the clock on the wall in the billiard room. It said 10:09 on its face.

"Wait," Paul called out. "Just stay here 3 more minutes."

"What? Why?" Steve asked.

"Just do it. Trust me."

A minute went by and Steve's cell phone rang.

"Hey babe. Yeah, I'm leaving now. Paul's just acting weird. Thinks he time traveled. I think he's had a few too many," Steve laughed.

Before Steve could say goodbye, he jumped at the sound of screeching tires and crunching metal coming from outside.

Steve looked out the window and then back at Paul.

"Told you just 3 minutes. You didn't start your car because you got a call. Fact is, you never got a chance, too. Why don't you tell your wife you'll be late. I'll have you home by 11."

Steve brought the phone to his face, but didn't say a word. Finally, he pulled himself together.

"Honey, you're never gonna to believe this."