Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celebrate Taco Week!!!

Happy Taco Week!

The official release date is here! Awry, the fifth novelette in Book I of the Miscorrection series is now available for your favorite ereader for only 1 Taco!

It gets better! Today officially kicks off Taco Week. For every sale that Awry receives until June 9, 2011 at 11:59 P.M., I will eat a taco. The taco eating will be broadcast live on on the Taco Broadcast some time after Taco Week.

And be sure to watch my Twitter feed during the day June 3rd. I'll be posting lots of facts about tacos for you to enjoy!

Do you want to challenge me to eat a lot of Tacos? I hope you do, and I hope you want to make the live broadcast entertaining and fun. Yes, you can help with the broadcast! How? You can show your support by purchasing Awry and letting your friends know about the taco challenge. Be sure to refer them to this post through Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite social network.

Remember, you're not just buying an ebook. You're paying for the opportunity to see someone make a fool of himself!

Awry (Miscorrection) is available for 1 Taco for your favorite e-reader at any of the links below!