Wednesday, June 22, 2011


“Look at it. It’s adorable.” Cathy said to Jim.

“What is it?” Jim asked. He didn’t like the idea of touching, let alone playing, with the creature they found in the forest.

“I don’t know. But I want to keep it as a pet. Look how it fits right into my hand. It’s so cute and small.” Cathy loved animals, and this thing was perfect. She planned on taking it home with her.

The brown furred creature, with white stripes, curled up into Cathy’s hand. It had other plans for Jim and Cathy. It traveled hundreds of light years for the people of its planet. The planet was ravaged, sick, and decaying. A great famine had overtaken it. But he had to make one sacrifice to make sure this new planet could sustain them. One thing that could risk his life.

The two aliens who held him had quite astonished looks on their faces when the opening to his mouth enlarged to a size bigger than them. With two giant chomps, he swallowed them. His mouth returned to its normal size, and he waited. It’d only take ten minutes for him to know the answer.

After that time, nothing happened. He let out a very faint and subdued burp—a minor side effect to eating the aliens. Yes, this planet would be just fine. It may be smaller, but it had a great harvest.