Sunday, May 29, 2011


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"There's a man in the water!" someone yelled.

All the tourists at the lookout point congregated around the railing looking into the river.

"He's not in it," someone else said. "It looks like he's on it."

The crowd's noise rose with intensity as everyone began to speculate about what they saw.

"That's impossible," a woman spoke. "He must be on something. How else would he float?"

They continued to wonder about the man. Some believed he floated upon nothing, others insisted he must be on something. Their chatter rose to a crescendo and then cut out with an eerie silence, until someone said, "He's raising  up into the air!"

The people pushed closer to the railing until they could go no further. With their heads pointed towards the water, they watched the man drift up into the sky. Eventually, the man reached the clouds and disappeared before their eyes.

The crowd stood silent for a moment. A few spoke amongst themselves about what they just saw. Eventually, the crowd dispersed without much excitement. Some spoke to others about the event as truth, but most saw it as trickery.