Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taco Marketing

Miscorrection: Awry officially releases in two more days. That’s great news because it means the taco eating fun is almost upon us.

In case you missed my earlier posts, for each sale that Awry gets during the first week of release, until June 9, 2011 at 11:59 P.M., I will eat a taco. The fun part is that you will be able to watch me do this live on the Taco Broadcast. I will determine exact time and date of the broadcast after release week.

I plan to update my blog daily during release week with Taco Updates on the sales. This way, everyone can know exactly where the taco eating count stands!

How many sales am I expecting? Honestly, I expect somewhere around one to five, if that. So I shouldn’t have a problem eating the tacos.

In the off-chance that the amount of sales is an overwhelming amount of tacos, I’ll do my best to eat them all. I’ll admit, the broadcast would be a lot more entertaining if I have a lot of tacos to eat! In other words, you will play a part in the fun everyone can have with this.

Since your role is just as important, be sure to share this post with your friends. “Like” this post below, click the “Tweet” button, “StumbleUpon” and so on. I think you get the picture.

I’m looking forward to what next week brings, and until then, keep eating tacos!