Monday, May 2, 2011


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My life started with a force of air.

I started out small, but grew and grew.

Once I was fully grown, I met my wife, Blue. She was beautiful and perfect. She’d always call me Round, a name she found humorous because she thought it described my body shape so well.

As we swayed back and forth in the breeze of life, things were very good for us. We spent the time together and we cherished it.

Eventually, we even had a child. We traveled all around with her, listening to her laugh, hearing her joyfully speech, and watching her skip about. But, in time, she grew up and had to let us go.

Blue and I floated towards old age. As is often the case, our physical form had changed to a less desirable one. And then, without warning, Blue was gone from my life. It was a sad moment, but I knew I was approaching the same outcome.

As I reflect back on all I experienced, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It was all worth it, even if the time did feel too short. I realized that everything had come full circle for me.

My life ended with an expulsion of air.