Sunday, May 15, 2011


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"Come on, Grandpa," Johnny said as he tugged on his grandfather's shirt sleeve. "Let's go in the park and go on some rides."

"What are you talking about, Johnny? Look at this. We're on a ride. Look at the bright red paint, and all the other cars in front of us. They're all the same color."

Johnny was tired of the ride. It wasn't even a ride. He may be five years old, but he knows the difference between a fun ride and being taken from the car to the entrance. Now Johnny was just getting mad.

"Grandpa, we already saw all these cars. How much longer do we have to stay on?" Johnny whined.

"Johnny," his grandfather said sternly, "I told you I would take you, park, and we'd go on a ride. I never said we'd go anywhere else. I'm not paying eighty dollars for me and sixty dollars for you just to go on a few rides that go in a circle. You can thank 'capitalism' for that. Makes things cheap sometimes, but so stinkin' expensive other times. Better to spend ten dollars to park and just ride this shuttle. Besides, the breeze feels good and it's relaxing."

Johnny was mad, and he wanted to cry. A few tears filled his eyes and rolled down his cheeks, but his grandfather wouldn't budge.

When the shuttle stopped at the entrance, Johnny decided to make a run for it. He hopped out of the shuttle, ran for the entrance, and slipped through two people going through the turnstile into the park. When he turned around, he saw his grandfather running towards the entrance after him, but he was on the other side now. There was only one way for his grandfather to get him.

"My grandson slipped into the park. He's right over there." Johnny heard his grandfather say after he hid behind a statue in the park. "What?! I'm telling you he's in there."

Johnny couldn't hear the person his grandfather was speaking to, but the next words he heard made him very happy.

"Fine! Here's the eighty dollars. Stinkin' capitalism." His grandfather sounded really irritated.

But Johnny thought that his grandfather should be happy. After all, he just saved him sixty dollars.