Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Review: Diversity Problems by Kristen James

Diversity Problems by Kristen James is a short story that raises a question about perfect genetics. What if we lived in a world where everyone looked the same? What if everybody had the same name? Really, what if we lacked identity?

I found that Diversity Problems answered these questions well, it had me thinking about our world that puts emphasis on not appreciating who you are, but rather trying to physically make yourself look better. Whether it’s your clothing or physical body, much emphasis is put on the appearance of a person and not the substance of a person.

Do we want to live in a society that is devoid of originality because what has been deemed ‘perfect’ is all that matters? If we did, would someone try to break out of the mold and be different?

Diversity Problems will make you ponder these questions, and will make you think deeper on its meaning even after you read it. While the story can easily be read in a span of ten minutes, this does not make it any less impactful. The author does a fantastic job of telling only a small snippet of a story that has even greater implications.

In the end, I really liked Diversity Problems, and I’m sure you will, too.

Diversity Problems by Kristen James is available for $0.99 for the Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords.