Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're All Cyborgs Now (via the Scattering)

Just a quick note to my readers. A loyal fan of the Miscorrection series has been affected by the tornadoes in Alabama. Maybe you could stop by her site, read her post, and offer her some support. The good news is that her spirits appear high, despite what happened.
We're All Cyborgs Now I have no idea if we're news or not, but Tuscaloosa (my sweet home University of Alabama) was hit by a devestating tornado yesterday evening. University operations have been suspended indefinitely, and final exams next week have been cancelled.  It's like a scene from a disaster movie (and the city looks like it).  Someone--either an illiterate fundamentalist (I'm sure we have our share of those) or an ironic hipster (and those)--chalked "Revelat … Read More

via the Scattering