Sunday, March 13, 2011

Writing Wrap-Up IV

It's another Writing Wrap-Up this week. Did you miss anything? If so, here is everything in a nutshell, or maybe I should say a tortilla shell.

The flash fiction story of the week was Shadow. Along with that story, I also released a short story for sale, Copy Bird. 50% of the story is available to read on the site. Give them a read and be sure to rate and comment on it. I appreciate the feedback!


New Ebook Release: Copy Bird

I also wrote a non-fictional story detailing how I met my beautiful and wonderful wife. Give it a read!

How I Met My Wife

The weekly poll this week asked what sport you like to play. I look forward to your answers!

Weekly Poll III - Sports Play

Finally, my book review this week was for the short story Don't Rust On Me Now by Dee W. Schofield.

Book Review: Don't Rust On Me Now by Dee W. Schofield

That's it for this week. See you again next week for a tasty wrap!