Monday, March 7, 2011


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The first time it happened, he wasn't sure if he forgot he bought something or not. He woke up in the morning and had a brand new television in his living room. He wasn't sure how he got it.

This kept happening. Every morning, he woke up with a new item. Ironically, the local news reports were saying there was a night thief stealing things from local businesses. He noticed the things reported stolen matched the items showing up in his home each morning. He reasoned that somehow he was at fault, but he didn't know what was happening.

A few video cameras had shown up in his home over the past few days, so he set them up around the house and let them record over night. In the morning, along with a new toaster in his house, he watched the video. He was amazed to see a dark silhouette of a person. The shape was undoubtedly him, but he wasn't there. It was his shadow. It left the house and came back a few hours later. It carried the shadow of the item it stole and set it down. Apparently, carrying the shadow also carried the solid object.

This was certainly amazing and he wasn't sure how it was happening. But he had to stop it. He concluded there was only one way, and it would be uncomfortable, but he'd get used to it. In his bedroom he set up fifteen very bright lights, set at various angles. With the light shining from all directions, no shadow could be made. And if no shadow could be made, no more items could be stolen.

As he fell asleep with the bright lights shining on him, he thought to himself, I really could use a new power screwdriver.