Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Traditional Publishing Nightmare

[caption id="attachment_855" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Look out traditional publishers...we're your nightmare!"][/caption]

On my site, I focus a lot on self-publishing in the writing world. There’s a reason for this, I’m a self-published author. But also, it’s become very easy for people to realize their dream and not have it squashed because a traditional publisher tells them they are unwilling to publish their work.

And this goes beyond writing. In the music industry, this same thing is taking place. A musician no longer has to approach a big name record company to try to get backing to produce and sell music. Just like in the e-book world, digital distribution allows music to reach people very easily.

Take Dovelyn Schutt as an example. She and my sister, Drea Young, have produced a couple of songs and put them up for sale on iTunes and Zune. This has allowed both of them to do what they love. They produce the music together, Schutt does the vocals (with no auto-tuning I must add), and Drea records and mixes the song.

The result is music that everyone has an opportunity to experience. Just like the stories I’ve written and published, people can buy them and enjoy them! It's taking the power from the traditional publisher and putting it in the hands of the artist. And when you do that, anything can happen.

The two songs they have released are Nightmare and Roll Credits. Both are good songs, but I lean more towards Nightmare being my favorite. Schutt’s vocals are great, and at times she reminds me of Fiona Apple, which is a very good thing in my book. In Nightmare, I particularly like how the song builds up to a fantastic finish. I’ve found myself singing the song, like any other you might hear on the radio, when I don’t even realize it.

And then I think, if people couldn’t write and self-publish stories, if people couldn’t write and self-publish music, where would we be? Would we miss the next greatest thing because a big name traditional publisher of books or music decided it wasn’t good enough? We probably would. It’s why these are great days!

Videos of each song are below, and if you like them enough, click the links to buy the music for either iTunes or Zune. You won’t be disappointed!

Purchase this song on iTunes or Zune for $0.99

Purchase this song on iTunes for $0.99