Thursday, February 24, 2011

Laying A Foundation

I have always liked the idea of telling stories. After I graduated from high school in the late ‘90s, I intended to be a writer, as a hobby only. There were many short stories that I wrote, which are now forever lost.

But regardless, I carried on my writing in a verbal form when I had children. Before going to bed, I would tell my son stories that he thoroughly enjoyed. Some involved him turning into a car and meeting all the characters from the Cars movie from Disney/Pixar. Other stories were about my son and daughter finding a secret cavern in our backyard that contained a rocket ship maintained by a robot named Remmy.

And then there is Miscorrection. A story I came up with while driving back and forth to work. Before that story came about, a few stories greatly influenced me. This post will talk about one of those influences, which is great indeed.

The influence was the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. When I read the first book, the idea of psychohistory blew my mind. The concept of a book that took place over many thousands of years also intrigued me. If you haven’t read this science fiction series, I highly suggest you read the first few books at least. They really changed my life in regards to what a story could be.

Foundation so captured my imagination that I started thinking of my own story that could take elements of that book and make them specific to a series of events. Driving back and forth to work every day for forty minutes afforded me the opportunity to think about the story, and to do so in detail. Ironically enough, the series really laid the foundation for me to write the Miscorrection novelettes. The influences from Foundation are in my novelettes and in particular, the greater story I’m telling in Miscorrection.

So I came up with a story; a long story even. Now I had a dilemma. How would I tell this story? Remember, it is an art. I needed to find a way to tell it to make it interesting. What did I decide to do? Well, I’ll leave that for a future post.

How about you? Have you ever read a book that affected you in life? or a book that has affected you to rethink your approach to your perspective? I’d love to know your answer to those questions. Feel free to leave a comment below.