Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breaking Miscorrection Into Smashwords


The availability of the Miscorrection series continues to expand. Not only can you purchase the stories on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but also you can now get them on Smashwords.

What is Smashwords? It’s a web site built around the idea of helping indie authors to find an audience. I only just heard about it yesterday when a person I follow on Twitter mentioned it. A day later, all three of the current stories are available for purchase. Actually, you can purchase two of the stories; the first one is available free.

One benefit that Smashwords gives over Amazon and Barnes & Noble is that my ebooks are available in a wide variety of formats. Do want to read it on a Kindle? You can. Do you want to read it on a Nook? You can. Do you just want to read it directly on the web site? You can. And there are more formats as well. This variety in available formats is good because it allows the greatest number of people to read it. I certainly don’t want to hold back people from reading the Miscorrection series, and Smashwords philosophy is the same when it comes to the books they sell.

If you haven’t already checked out the free story available for Miscorrection, it’s never too late to jump in and do so. And Smashwords makes it very easy for you to start. Already, there has been ten downloads of the free story. If you enjoy them, please be sure to write a review on Smashwords also. This will help prospective readers to know whether they would like to read the stories. I appreciate your help in this regard!

Next month, I plan to run a promotion on one of the novelettes. This will involve a coupon code that you can use to get other stories in the series at a discounted or free cost. So be sure to stay tuned to my blog or Twitter feed to get all the promotion details. Be sure to check out my author’s page, too. This page has information linked to my blog, Twitter account, biography, and bibliography.

Thanks for all your support and happy reading!!!