Monday, February 28, 2011

Arrogation Ebook Contest


Can you solve the puzzle below? If so, you can be a winner of a free copy of Arrogation from the Miscorrection series. The best part is that everyone can win! Just follow the clues below to figure out the answer to the puzzle and then follow the instructions to redeem your prize.

And don't forget this contest is time senstive, as the free copy of Arrogation is only available on March 1, 2011. After that, the coupon code you receive for winning is no longer valid. Be sure to tell your friends about this contest, too, so that they also have a chance to win. I want everyone to benefit from this!

Clue 1: The answer has a lot to do with the subject matter of the most popular post on my site. To find the most popular post, just check out the Blog Statistics category.

Clue 2: The Ebook Giveaway post that went up Saturday contains clues to the answer

Clue 3: Hurley up and play the numbers!

Once you think you have the answer, type this web address into your web browser: Be sure to replace the question marks in the web site with the solution to the puzzle. Please note that there are no spaces or dashes in the answer. Once you go to that web page, there will be instructions on how to redeem your free ebook.

Remember, this contest is valid for March 1, 2011 only. So time is of the essence. Have fun playing, and I hope you all win!