Monday, February 28, 2011


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Begin transmission.

It was the cherries. Who would think that you could destroy your enemy with cherries? We had bioengineered many things, but we happened upon a way to attack our enemy and overtake them.

It was simple—bioengineer cherries that grow at such a rapid pace that you cannot stop them. Then, we took those cherries and snuck into our enemy's territory, planted the seed in the ground and bam! The country became overcome with cherries. There were so many of them that they multiplied to a depth of hundreds of feet. Suffocation by cherries!

But our plan was flawed. Why we didn't see it, I'm not sure. Our border of land was directly connected to our enemy. And when at first we thought we had destroyed them, the cherry production began to spill over into our own country. The devastation to us was just as bad.

My hope is that you get this message. That there are others like me who found shelter in a cave, basement, or home. And if you receive it, my hope is that you have found a way to destroy the cherries. Please find me. My coordinates are 47.640671,-121.902881.

End transmission.