Saturday, January 15, 2011

Get Miscorrection: Sunrise for Free!!!

Below you can find a link to a  copy of Miscorrection: Sunrise. I hope you enjoy reading it. I am looking forward to hearing your comments and questions about it. If you find this interesting, there are more stories in the series that you can find available for the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.

While you do not have to pay a thing for this story, I do ask that you spread the word to people you know, especially if you like it (and any of the other stories in the series for that matter). Of course, if you would like to show your appreciation for the story, you can choose to pay whatever you want using the ugly "Donate" button below which will redirect you to the evil PayPal.

Sunrise (Miscorrection) by B.C. YoungMy name is David. On an ordinary day, my grandson and I had set out to do some ordinary tasks. However, the events of that day brought things that neither of us could have expected. The result may be something we do not like, but a motivation to try and make a difference. Whatever comes of that day is anyone's guess. There is no doubt that a new beginning is upon us, and as is the case with every new beginning, you never really know how it is going to end.

Miscorrection: Sunrise is the first in a series of stories. Each story stands on its own, but also will tell a larger story arc as the series continues.

Other stories in the series include:

Miscorrection: Arrogation (Book 1 - Story 2) Available on Kindle or Nook.
Miscorrection: Felix Culpa (Book 1 - Story 3) Available on Kindle or Nook.

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The files are available for viewing in the Kindle format or EPUB format. If you plan to read this using your Kindle, simply copy the PRC file to the 'Documents' folder on your Kindle. If you want to read it in the Kindle format on your PC, go to this link: . If you will be reading this in the EPUB format, your ereader should have no problems using the file. If you want to read this on your PC, you can download the Adobe Digital Editions software for reading here:

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To continue reading further stories in the series, look for the Miscorrection series on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.