Sunday, January 9, 2011

Felix Culpa...Who Is That Man?

An interesting thing happened when I told my wife the title of the third story in the Miscorrection series. She thought the title was the name of a character in the story.

I’ll admit Felix Culpa does sound like a character name. In fact, using it as a name would have fit right along with how I have named some of the characters. But this is not a name. Well, it’s the name of the story, but not of a person.

The title serves to define the events that take place during the story, much in the same way that Arrogation did. On the other hand, Sunrise had more of a metaphorical meaning for that story and the overall larger story. Felix Culpa is also metaphorical and compliments Sunrise very well.

How did I happen upon the name? Well, I was reading a book on my Kindle, Foundation’s Fear by Gregory Benford, when I came across the word felix. As I do with any word I’m unfamiliar with when reading on my Kindle, I immediately highlighted it to get the word’s definition. And from there I was able to find felix culpa. The phrase fit the third story so well that I had to use it for the title.

Names and titles are sometimes difficult to create. Sometimes they happen by accident. Sometimes the names are a result of trying to define the character in the story. Sometimes, quite plainly, I just make them up, forming my own names, such as the name of the Karhath.

So many pieces need to fit together to make the story enjoyable, believable, and unique. Names and titles are just one piece of the puzzle that helps to put it all together.

Look for Miscorrection: Felix Culpa soon, available for the Amazon Kindle.