Friday, January 21, 2011

Felix Culpa Cover Art

After a long delay, the release of Miscorrection: Felix Culpa will happen within the week.

One important thing a book needs, even if it's digital, is a cover. You may have noticed that the covers for Sunrise and Arrogation look similar. I did this to help people who are browsing for the book to see that the stories are all part of the same series. They should be easily identifiable.

The covers have a few variations between them: The story title, the story's position in the series, and the background color. If you look at the background color, you will notice that it gets slightly darker with each story's release.

What I like about the cover art for all of the stories is that they are simple. The background graphic plays into the story well. And the look of it reminds me of old time science fiction.

Below is the cover art for Felix Culpa. This includes the back cover, which has a teaser for the story. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on the artwork and the teaser. I look forward to hearing your feedback.