Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miscorrection: Arrogation

The writing of book 1, story 2 in the Miscorrection series is going well. I am hoping to have it up on Amazon for purchase by the end of June.

One of the fun parts about writing these stories is coming up with a title that is appropriate to the story. At the same time, I don't want it to sound too generic. The title of the current story is tentatively called Arrogation. It fits very well with the plot of the story. So if you look up the meaning of the word you may get an idea of what to expect.

Time is the biggest factor in completing the stories. I'll find that twenty minutes to a half an hour will go by and I have only written four to five paragraphs. So as busy as my life is, time is the limiting factor in getting the stories written. It's one thing to know what you are going to write and it's another thing actually doing it.

While sales of the first story are horrible, that part does not matter to me. I have this story I came up with and I am setting off to write it. Any money made out of it is just a side point.

If you get a chance, post in the comments what you think the tentative title Arrogation may mean for the upcoming story.

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Lost" Series Finale Explained

Here I am writing a final blog post about what happened on Lost. Many are no doubt debating, not what happened during the show, but what was shown during the final minutes of the show. While I am not a writer or creator of Lost, I feel I have solved this one last mystery. After watching the finale, I pondered in my head what it all meant in the ending, and here is what I concluded.

Going back to the finale of season 5, we saw Juliet blow up the bomb. The idea was that blowing up that bomb would change their lives. The island would be gone and the plane never would have crashed. Well, it worked, but just not how we thought.

At the time the bomb was blown up, all our characters were pushed back to what can be called "current island time". Everyone assumes that this time coincides with the time in the flash sideways, flashbacks, and flashforwards. But it doesn't. The island is on its own time.

So all the events we saw on the island this season did take place. The quest of smokey to get off the island, the protecting of the "source" of the island, and so on. All of it happened and everyone was very much alive on the island. The opening of season 6 showed the island completely underwater. And this is where our crew, namely Jack, changed the course of events again. Jack ultimately save the island from dropping into the sea by putting that stone back in its place. And then finally, Jack died for his efforts, leaving Hurley as the protector.

In Jack's final moments, we see a plane fly overhead as he was laying on the ground among the bamboo. That plane was Oceanic Flight 815. The very same one we saw fly at the beginning of season 6. Except now the island wasn't underwater because Jack prevented that from happening.

Which brings us to the plane and the flash sideways. All those on the plane were alive. They never crashed, but through an unexplained reason they had a connection to those "themselves" from the island. The "awakenings" were opening the memories to what they had done on the island. So just as Faraday had explained to Jack in season 5: they blow up the bomb and their plane never crashes and they land safely in LAX. Their memory of the events on the island draws them together, with Charlie being the catalyst this season to bring them all together. And Desmond the one who helps everyone awake to these memories. And with this change of events Christian Shepherd never did die, but had his own "awakening". Faking his own death caused Jack to go to Australia so that everything could take place as it should.

This explanation makes "The End" worth it. Though we saw some of our favorite characters die over the course of 6 seasons, you could be satisfied that in the end they died to protect the island and a corrupt evil from escaping it. But at the same time the choices and events that took place by our favorite characters really saved them. They remember dying, though they never did. They remember a life on the island, but they were never there. And it is this ending that satisfies everything that happened. Because whatever happened, did happen.

This is the conclusion I drew from the finale. There were many others I contemplated before I came to this one. This was my conclusion because the others did not make sense. The above ending I listed was the only one that had no holes in it. Every other one would work for one reality but not the other. And so I feel 100% confident is this ending. And I am satisfied with the conclusion of Lost.