Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Son - The Pilot

Ethan has quite the life as a kid. Being that my father-in-law is a pilot for Doylestown Airport, Ethan got the opprotunity (for the second time) to go up with his Pop-Pop in an airplane. With his Buzz Lightyear hat on his head along with headphones and a mic, he set off for a nice ride.


Mom was at home and I was at work. So little did I know, that while I was working, Ethan flew right over my building where I work. It's kind of funny to think that my son was 1000 feet above my head and I didn't even know it. As you can see from the pictures below, he's right at home on the plane and having a good time. My father-in-law even let him take control of the helm, so to speak. What 5 year old kid can say that he's flown a plane before? Not many, that's for sure.


So who knows, maybe the next time you hear a small plane flying overhead, it's my son and his Pop-Pop out for a joy ride in the skies!